Vtech Smartboard



Merk: Vtech

Kode: 36


Rental Price :

Rp 95.000/ four weeks

Rp 55.000/two weeks


–          Ukuran/dimensi: 5cm x 32.5cm x 27.5cm ; 1.3kg

–          Rentang usia:  3-6 Y

–          Info detail produk:

Mengajarkan anak memegang pensil dengan posisi yang benar

Stimulasi dini untuk anak yang mulai belajar menulis huruf dan angka

Take your little one’s learning to the letter! The Smartboard makes it fun and easy to learn standardized writing. Little ones can try their hand at letters and numbers with the easy to hold Write & Learn stylus. The Smartboard’s touch sensitive writing surface recognizes strokes and automatically tailors instructions as your child progresses. And with the Smartboard’s friendly pencil character and six fun activities — your little writer can’t wait to go back to the drawing board again and again!

Smartboard™ Features

  • Writing recognition technology teaches and recognizes correct letter and number strokes
  • ABC keyboard
  • Stylus pen and touch-sensitive writing surface
  • 6 activities feature letter writing, number writing, letter order, spelling, drawing, and sing along
  • Portable

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