Vtech Tree house

Tree House


Merk: Vtech

Kode: 48


Rental Price :

Rp 50.000/ four weeks

Rp 35.000/two weeks


–          Ukuran/dimensi:

–          Rentang usia: 6-24M

–          Info detail produk:

* Swinging soft monkey character encourages interaction

* 2 balls for dropping in the tree

* Light-up sun flashes with all the responses

* Roller spins when balls are dropped in

Hasil Review

Baby will have a ball with the Play & Learn Tree House! This great, interactive toy comes with two balls which drops from the top of the tree. Spinning roller will spin when the balls are dropped in the unit. The roller can also be spun by the user and introduces numbers and fruit. Birdhouse button plays fun songs and phrases. Light-up sun and swinging monkey encourage interaction with playful phrases.


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