ELC Red Superstar Keyboard

Red Superstar Keyboard


Merk: Early Learning Center

Kode: 53


Rental Price :

Rp 115.000/ four weeks

Rp 70.000/two weeks


–          Ukuran/dimensi:

–          Rentang usia: 3-6Y

–          Info detail produk:

Hasil Review

This fantastic 31-key keyboard has flashing lights, a stand for music or lyrics, lots of rhythm and instrument sounds, and drum buttons to hit. Plus a record and playback function, volume and tempo adjuster and detachable microphone


5 thoughts on “ELC Red Superstar Keyboard

  1. mau dong sewa piano ini, harga sebulan berapa, 2 minggu berapa? persyaratan apa aja? pake ongkir lagi ga?

    1. Dear Bu Lany, respons sudah kami kirimkan by email. Terimakasih.

  2. Ichie,

    Yg ini available ga say? Lemme’ knw PM yats..many thanks..

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