Vtech Rhyme&Discover Book

Rhyme & discover book


Merk: Vtech

Kode: 70

Rental Price : Rp 60.000/fourweeks
Rp 45.000/two weeks

– Ukuran/dimensi:
– Rentang usia: 6M+
– Keunggulan:

Mengenalkan konsep fun reading sejak dini pada anak, karena bisa digunakan untuk story reading sekaligus melihat gambar/warna dan mendengarkan lagu.

5 song lists: twinkle little stars, old mcdonald, etc

Sebelum lagu dimulai terdengar suara binatang sesuai dengan tema lagu yaitu suara sheep, cat and dog

Baby’s Favorite Interactive Book
Open a page to learning with the Rhyme & Discover Book! The Rhyme & Discover Book combines rhythm and rhyme with seven nursery favorites. Baby will delight in the fun melodies, magical moving play, three light up characters and open ended questions that encourage thinking and most importantly, learning.
Rhyme & Discover Book™ Features
• 3 light-up character buttons on the tabs of the pages
• 7 popular nursery rhymes
• 4 movable pieces
• Music note button
• On/off switch


2 thoughts on “Vtech Rhyme&Discover Book

  1. Dmn bisa beli buku ini…kalo lwt ol shop bs ?or ada toko yg bs dkunjungi

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