ELC Dino Adventure Set


Dino Adventure Set


Merk: Early Learning Center

Kode: 89

Rental Price : Rp 165.000/ four weeks
Rp 90.000/two weeks

– Ukuran/dimensi: 13 (H) x 57 (W) x 36 (D) cm
– Rentang usia: 3-8 Y
– Info detail produk:

Your child will love this fantastic dinosaur track and vehicle set. It’s great for children who love dinosaurs and cars – what a combination!

Your child can enjoy creating new and different routes with the track pieces – it’s a really fun toy for family and friends to join in with.

Your child can design and build their own unique dinosaur pathways wherever they like, then zoom your dino cars around the track.

Your child can drive the Dino Racer around the track, over two rickety bridges, into two dark caves and into a dinosaur cave. Link up the two ends of the track or go “off-road” for more exciting adventures.

Includes 5 dinosaur figures and a battery-operated car.


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