Mothercare Convertible Walker

Pink Walker Convertible


Merk: Mothercare

Kode: 87

Rental Price : Rp 210.000/ four weeks
Rp 135.000/two weeks

– Ukuran/dimensi: H50 x W63 x L66cm
– Rentang usia: 6M+
– Info detail produk:

Customise numbers and letters to personalise your own car
Hold on tight – 3 height positions to suit different development stages
Beep beep dashboard with lights, sounds and interactive toys to stimulate senses and co-ordination
Green for go – lights and sounds from the kick pad reward and stimulate to encourage leg mobility
Turn it up – stay in control of the sounds with high, low and off button
For parents – removable seat unit for added convenience when cleaning
Bounce mode from 6 months helps boost co-ordination and strength
Walker mode from 6 months enables your child to be mobile while safely supported


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