No.144 Little Tikes Dome Climber

Little Tikes Dome Climber

Merk: Little Tikes

Kode: 144

Rental Price : Rp 350.000/four weeks

Rp 195.000/two weeks


  • Ukuran/dimensi:
  • Rentang usia:
  • Info detail produk

Little Tikes Baloon Victorian House (For Party Only)

Baloon Victorian House


Merk: Little Tikes

Kode: 119


Rental Price :  Rp 275.000/ event (0-6 hours)

Rp  75.000/hour added


–          Ukuran/dimensi:   Length 2.23 m x Width 2.13 m x Height 1.98 m

–          Rentang usia:  36M -6Y

–          Info detail produk:


Include 100 baloons and mattras inside the house

Comes with a working inflatable door and entryway with columns

Puncture resistant material

Heavy-duty blower provides continuous airflow

House inflates in under a minute

Encourages social play

Evamats 30x30cm (For Party Only)

Evamats 30x30cm


Merk: Evamats

Kode 116

Rental Price :  Rp   85.000/   50pcs (0-6 hours)

Rp 150.000/ 100pcs (0-6 hours)

Rp 210.000/ 150pcs (0-6 hours)

Rp 260.000/ 200pcs (0-6 hours)

*Rp 30.000/50pcs/hour added


–          Ukuran/dimensi: 30x30cm

–          Rentang usia:

–          Info detail produk:

Various colours

Luas +/- 4.5m2 utk 50 pieces
Luas +/- 9m2 utk 100 pieces

Luas +/- 13,5m2 utk 150 pieces
Luas +/- 18m2 utk 200 pieces

Little Tikes Sports bouncer (for party only)

Sports bouncer

Merk: Little Tikes

Kode 104

Rental Price :

Rp 500.000/ event (0-6 hours)

Rp 125.000/hour added


–          Ukuran/dimensi: 1.9m x 1.9m x 2.1m

–          Rentang usia: 4 Y +

–          Info detail produk:

It’s time for some big, bouncing basketball fun with the Little Tikes Jump ‘n Jam Sports Center! This inflatable basketball play area is soft, safe and set to make dunking easy even for your little tikes.

Inflatable basketball rim is attached to the backboard with Velcro for safety

Inflatable walls for safe super slams and dunking

Includes 2 inflatable balls

Max combined weight limit 70 lbs