LITTLE TIKES Picnic Playhouse

No.146 Little Tikes Picnic Playhouse

Little Tikes Picnic & Playhouse

Merk: Little Tikes

Kode: 146

Rental Price : Rp 595.000/four weeks

Rp 330.000/two weeks



  • Ukuran/dimensi: 78.25”L x 52.50”W x 50.00”H
  • Rentang usia:
  • Info detail produk

Product Size: 78.25”L x 52.50”W x 50.00”H — Weight: 75.00lbs.
Box Size: 25.00”L x 36.00”W x 55.00”H — Weight: 101.00lbs.
Slide height from ground to top of slide : 0.00”L x 0.00”W x 20.00”H —
Steps: 28.00”L x 0.00”W x 0.00”H —
Steps height from ground to top of steps : 0.00”L x 0.00”W x 19.00”H —
Platform height from ground to top of platform: 0.00”L x 0.00”W x 17.00”H —
With wall open : 81.00”L


  • Table top flips and can be used inside the playhouse or outside on the patio
• Two swivel seats can be used inside or outside
• Working Dutch door with mail slot
• Working porch light
• Steps and slide are interchangeable and can be used four different ways
• House wall with climbing steps and slide opens to allow for more play area and easy adult
• Maximum number of kids: 3
• Weight limit- per child up to 60lbs.