ELC Dino Playmat

Dino Playmat

Merk: Early Learning Center

Kode: 91

Rental Price : Rp 200.000/ four weeks
Rp 115.000/two weeks

– Ukuran/dimensi:
– Rentang usia: 3-8Y
– Info detail produk:

A portable fold out playmat for dino adventures on the go – and a practical storage case too.

Include 7 (seven) lifelike model of a real prehistoric species of T-rex, Brachiosaurus,Triceratops, Ceratosaurus, Pteronodon, Utah Raptors, and Edmontonia, ready for your child’s Jurassic adventures.

This toy helps your child to use their hands for precise movements.

These toys inspire your child to explore and enjoy the world around them.


ELC Dino Adventure Set


Dino Adventure Set


Merk: Early Learning Center

Kode: 89

Rental Price : Rp 165.000/ four weeks
Rp 90.000/two weeks

– Ukuran/dimensi: 13 (H) x 57 (W) x 36 (D) cm
– Rentang usia: 3-8 Y
– Info detail produk:

Your child will love this fantastic dinosaur track and vehicle set. It’s great for children who love dinosaurs and cars – what a combination!

Your child can enjoy creating new and different routes with the track pieces – it’s a really fun toy for family and friends to join in with.

Your child can design and build their own unique dinosaur pathways wherever they like, then zoom your dino cars around the track.

Your child can drive the Dino Racer around the track, over two rickety bridges, into two dark caves and into a dinosaur cave. Link up the two ends of the track or go “off-road” for more exciting adventures.

Includes 5 dinosaur figures and a battery-operated car.

Matmax Playmat Four-Scenes

Playmat four-scenes

 Merk: Matmax

Kode: 76

 Rental Price

Rp 150.000/ four weeks

 Rp  90.000/two weeks


–          Ukuran/dimensi:   (70cm x 80cm) x 4

–          Rentang usia:   3Y+

–          Info detail produk:

                 Playmat ini dari bahan lembut dan safe

                  Terdiri dari 4 tema, yaitu airport, racetrack, barnyard dan trainstation

ELC Whizzaroundgarage

Whizzaround Garage


Merk: Early Learning Center

Kode: 51


Rental Price :

Rp 145.000/ four weeks

Rp 80.000/two weeks





–          Ukuran/dimensi: 37 x 64 x 41cm

–          Rentang usia: 12 M 3Y

–          Info detail produk:

This chunky garage is ideal for little hands to get to grips with

Includes an exciting spiral descent, ramps, 3 cars and 6 sounds

This fun toy will help your child develop manual dexterity and provide hours of imaginative play

Vtech Fun Food

Fun Food


Merk: Vtech

Kode: 38


Rental Price :

Rp 75.000/ four weeks

Rp 45.000/two weeks


–          Ukuran/dimensi: 7.5cm x 27.75cm x 35.25cm ; 0.8kg

–          Rentang usia: 36M – 5Y

–          Info detail produk:

Mini kulkas yang dapat ditempel di depan fridge, mengenalkan anak pada konsep alfabet melalui representasi gambar

Mengenalkan anak pada konsep jenis-jenis makanan sekaligus english listening and pronounciation

Terdiri atas 26 imitasi bentuk makanan bertuliskan alfabet huruf depan dan info makanan tersebut

Stimulasi dini terhadap anak preschool mengenai Alfabet disertai contoh jenis penggunaannya dalam kata-kata

Twenty-six food magnets display foods’ first letters to help little ones make important connections. With just a push of a button your child is learning important lessons in letters, foods, colors, logic, and more.

Vtech Smartboard



Merk: Vtech

Kode: 36


Rental Price :

Rp 95.000/ four weeks

Rp 55.000/two weeks


–          Ukuran/dimensi: 5cm x 32.5cm x 27.5cm ; 1.3kg

–          Rentang usia:  3-6 Y

–          Info detail produk:

Mengajarkan anak memegang pensil dengan posisi yang benar

Stimulasi dini untuk anak yang mulai belajar menulis huruf dan angka

Take your little one’s learning to the letter! The Smartboard makes it fun and easy to learn standardized writing. Little ones can try their hand at letters and numbers with the easy to hold Write & Learn stylus. The Smartboard’s touch sensitive writing surface recognizes strokes and automatically tailors instructions as your child progresses. And with the Smartboard’s friendly pencil character and six fun activities — your little writer can’t wait to go back to the drawing board again and again!

Smartboard™ Features

  • Writing recognition technology teaches and recognizes correct letter and number strokes
  • ABC keyboard
  • Stylus pen and touch-sensitive writing surface
  • 6 activities feature letter writing, number writing, letter order, spelling, drawing, and sing along
  • Portable

Vtech Learn Globe

Learn Globe


Merk: Vtech

Kode: 34


Rental Price :

Rp 110.000/ four weeks

Rp 70.000/two weeks


–          Ukuran/dimensi: 24cm x 16cm x 31cm. Weight, 1.45Kg

–          Rentang usia: 36M – 5 Y

–          Info detail produk:

Sarana stimulasi mengenal globe/bola dunia dalam konsep sederhana

Juga sebagai sarana mengenalkan konsep bepergian dengan pesawat terbang

Put the World at Their Fingertips

With the Fly & Learn Globe™, junior geographers explore new sites and meet around the world without ever leaving home. Five discovery modes allow your child to engage in endless travels of fun and learning. With all the opportunities to make exciting new discoveries, children will want to leave on this jet plane every chance they get!


  • Moving electronic talking globe teaches geography, places, world wonders, people, languages and music
  • Built-in joystick controls plane directions, allowing it to move north, south, east or west while globe rotates
  • Friendly pilot transforms all journeys into experiences of learning and fun
  • 5 discovery modes teach technical terms and world geography
  • Magnifying glass attached to the plane increases size of images

Fun plane sound effects and entertaining music

Fisher Price Magnetic Easel

Magnetic Easel


Merk: Fisher Price

Kode: 05


Rental Price :

Rp 95.000/ four weeks

Rp 55.000/two weeks


–          Ukuran/dimensi:

–          Rentang usia: 9 bulan +

–          Info detail produk:

Great flipchart untuk sarana anak menulis/menggambar

Mengenalkan konsep bermain mencocokkan gambar

Mengasah kemampuan anak bercerita melalui farm/town scenes yg

juga disertai fun magnets bentuk binatang, mobil, dll

Music and sounds menyertai setiap magnet yg ditempel (6 tunes & 5 fun sounds: Old McDonald & others)

Terdiri dari beberapa konsep awal yang sederhana untuk anak, yaitu farm dan city