LITTLE TIKES Picnic Playhouse

No.146 Little Tikes Picnic Playhouse

Little Tikes Picnic & Playhouse

Merk: Little Tikes

Kode: 146

Rental Price : Rp 595.000/four weeks

Rp 330.000/two weeks



  • Ukuran/dimensi: 78.25”L x 52.50”W x 50.00”H
  • Rentang usia:
  • Info detail produk

Product Size: 78.25”L x 52.50”W x 50.00”H — Weight: 75.00lbs.
Box Size: 25.00”L x 36.00”W x 55.00”H — Weight: 101.00lbs.
Slide height from ground to top of slide : 0.00”L x 0.00”W x 20.00”H —
Steps: 28.00”L x 0.00”W x 0.00”H —
Steps height from ground to top of steps : 0.00”L x 0.00”W x 19.00”H —
Platform height from ground to top of platform: 0.00”L x 0.00”W x 17.00”H —
With wall open : 81.00”L


  • Table top flips and can be used inside the playhouse or outside on the patio
• Two swivel seats can be used inside or outside
• Working Dutch door with mail slot
• Working porch light
• Steps and slide are interchangeable and can be used four different ways
• House wall with climbing steps and slide opens to allow for more play area and easy adult
• Maximum number of kids: 3
• Weight limit- per child up to 60lbs.


LITTLE TIKES Cook and Grow Kitchen

No.145 Little Tikes Cook Grow Kitchen

Little Tikes Cook & Grow Kitchen

Merk: Little Tikes

Kode: 145

Rental Price : Rp 295.000/four weeks

Rp 175.000/two weeks



  • Ukuran/dimensi:
  • Rentang usia:
  • Info detail produk


No.144 Little Tikes Dome Climber

Little Tikes Dome Climber

Merk: Little Tikes

Kode: 144

Rental Price : Rp 350.000/four weeks

Rp 195.000/two weeks


  • Ukuran/dimensi:
  • Rentang usia:
  • Info detail produk

LITTLE TIKES Big Adventure Fliers


Little Tikes Big Adventures Fliers

 Merk: Little Tikes

Kode: 142

 Rental Price : Rp 125.000/four weeks

                        Rp 80.000/two weeks



 –          Ukuran/dimensi: 23.8 x 15.8 x 8.1 inci

–          Rentang usia: 3Y+

–          Info detail produk


For children ages three and up, the Little Tikes Big Adventures Action Fliers play set is a mini airport where imagination takes flight. Large enough for multiple children to play with together, the set includes two soft foam planes, a truck, and a helicopter. To launch the fun, kids can attach an airplane to the truck and send it down the jump for takeoff, or they can taxi the planes down the spiral tower and over to the hangar for storage. The set’s flashing lights and fun sounds help kids guide the helicopter in for landing.

ELC Crocodile Rocker

No.140 ELC Crocodile Rocker

ELC Crocodile Rocker


Merk: ELC

Kode: 140


Rental Price :

Rp 125.000/four weeks

Rp  80.000/two weeks



–          Ukuran/dimensi: 100 x 38 x 37cm

–          Rentang usia: 12 M+, Berat Max 30kg

–          Info detail produk:

Smooth rounded corners with 2 easy grip handles

ELC RedBlue Junior Trampoline

No.139 ELC RedBlue Junior Trampoline

ELC RedBlue Junior Trampoline


Merk: ELC

Kode: 139


Rental Price :

Rp 165.000/four weeks

Rp  90.000/two weeks


–          Ukuran/dimensi: H87 x W97 x D95.5cm

–          Rentang usia: 12 M – 3Y, Berat Max 35kg

–          Info detail produk:

Small trampoline with stitched-in padded edges so little feet can’t get trapped

Soft handles to give a good grip

Suitable for use indoors and outdoors

Helps your child develop coordination, balance and strength



No.137 Stroller Maclaren Volo

Maclaren Volo


Merk: Maclaren

Kode: 137


Rental Price :

Rp 295.000/four weeks

Rp175.000/two weeks


–          Ukuran/dimensi: Berat stroller 4 kg

–          Rentang usia:  6M+ sampai dengan berat bayi 15 kg

–          Info detail produk:


Dilengkapi kanopi dan support pillow with headhugger

Rangka stroller terbuat dari alumunium

VTECH Giraffe Bike

Giraffe Bike


Merk: Vtech

Kode: 130


Rental Price :  Rp155.000/four weeks

Rp 95.000/two weeks



–           Ukuran/dimensi:    24 x 6 x 16 inches

–           Rentang usia:   18M – 3Y

–           Info detail produk:


Encourages learning through five modes of active play

Teaches letters, counting animals and objects

Features an LCD screen

Adjustable, bouncy seat with three positions to grow with child

Ages 18 Mos +

VTECH 3in1 Zebra Scooter

3in1 Zebra Scooter


Merk: Vtech

Kode: 129


Rental Price :  Rp185.000/four weeks

Rp100.000/two weeks


–           Ukuran/dimensi:    25.6 x 23.6 x 17.7 inches, max weight 45 pounds

–           Rentang usia:   18M – 3Y

–           Info detail produk:


Grow-with-me toy converts easily from push walker to ride-on to scooter

Wide sturdy base

Five light-up buttons teach colors, animals and destinations

Features electronic horn button

Three modes of play